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Alea Jacta Est invites you to join us at SPEL, a board-gaming convention at Thon Hotel Sandnes, September 27th until Sunday September 29th 2019.

Please note that we will be drawing three lucky winners amongst the first 50 people who register!

ENLISTING PRIZE! If you haven’t attended SPEL previously, you can note the name of whoever enlisted you when you register your attendance. Everyone who has enlisted someone who has not attended SPEL previously, will receive one ticket per enlistment in a drawing where the winners get to choose great prizes from the prize table. The more people who are enlisted, the more prizes we will give out!

Who is this for?

Everyone who is interested in analog gaming is welcome at our event. We have ‘free-play’ the entire weekend, but also tournaments in various different board-games. You can play normal strategy games, war games, Magic, miniature games etc. with us. The most important thing is that you to would like to meet others who also enjoy playing games and having fun.

Program SPEL 9:

Free playing whole weekend.
Running tournament whole weekend: KLASK! (Register in SPEL reception)


  • Details to be announced


Opening at 10 in the morning

  • Details to be announced


Opening at 10 in the morning

  • Details to be announced

Changes in the program may occur.

Thon Hotell Sandnes

Thon Hotell Sandnes

All attendees can book rooms at Thon Hotel Sandnes for a discounted price:

Double-room for one person* including breakfast: 945,- per night.

Single-room for one person* including breakfast: 645,- per night.

* Extra charge for each person will come at 200,- per night.

Rooms are to be booked by attendees when needed. For those who wish to book a room, you can give the following code to receive the discounted room price: 26281742

For booking contact the following e-mail: sandnes@thonhotels.no

Food and Drink:

You may bring your own food and drink to enjoy during the entire event. In addition to the gaming area we have access to a nice outside area with tables and chairs where you can also enjoy your food, if the weather permits. The hotel’s nearest neighbor is a ‘Pizzabakeren’. A five minutes’ walk will take you to a Shell-station, and also to ‘Lura Turistheim’ where you can buy traditional Norwegian food. There is also a Kiwi store 350 meters from the hotel. The ‘Kvadrat’ Shopping Centre is a 15 minute walk away (1.3km). There you can find a McDonalds and a variety of other eateries.


  • All weekend, over 25 yrs (if you turn 26 or older in 2019): 300,-
  • All weekend, between 13 and 25 yrs (born after 1993): 150,- (The price includes a membership in the board-game club). For those who already have a membership: 100,-
  • Anyone under 13 yrs only pay 75,- but must be accompanied by an adult. (The price includes a membership in the board-game club). For those who already have a membership: 25,-
  • Day-pass: 150,- Valid for one person either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. To be paid in cash at the door.
  • Family pass for the entire weekend: 600,- Anyone under 26 yrs will automatically become members in the board-game club Alea Jacta Est.
  • Day pass – family: 350,- Anyone under 26 yrs will automatically become members in the board-game club Alea Jacta Est.
  • There is free parking outside of the hotel.

Sign-up FAQ:

What games can I play at the event?  

Answer: All kinds of board-games, card-games, miniature-games etc. The sight is the limit! And our gaming joy is great!

What is ‘free-play’?

Answer: ‘Free-play’ means that you find a game that you would like to play, and then find someone to play that game with. There will be many games available at the event and there should be something for everyone. SPEL also has designated helpers if you need rules explanations or help to find a game. In addition to ‘free-play’ we also have a number of set tournaments in our program.

Do I have to bring my own games?

Answer: No, we bring a large selection of games to the event, but we encourage attendees to bring their own games along and make them available for other attendees. Practically speaking, this works by having people put out their games on designated tables. Then all attendees can borrow the games during the event. We recommend labelling your games inside with your name to prevent people bringing the wrong game home with them.

What does it entail when joining a tournament?

Answer: It means you will join a lighthearted contest in a specific game. Usually there will be an introductory round followed by a finale. But this depends on the game and the number of contestants. If you are lucky/skilled enough to win a tournament, you will receive a prize at the end of the event. The tournaments are free to join as long as you have paid for attendance.

How do I sign up for a tournament?

Answer: If you would like to ensure that you have a space in one or more of the tournaments, it is smart to sign up beforehand. Write us an e-mail where you write your name and which tournament(s) you would like to sign up for. You should then be secured a space in that tournament. You can also sign up for tournaments at the event if there is space. There will be sign-up sheets at the event.

FYI. A complete tournament overview will be published on this site closer to the event.

I am unsure whether or not I know the rules well enough to join a tournament. What should I do?

Answer: Each tournament has an organizer who has the responsibility to run the tournament. Ask him/her. Many of the tournaments are so simple that you can easily pick up the rules well enough to join in, while others may be too advanced for someone to just jump in without knowing the game. You will be informed beforehand whether or not there will be rules explanations before each tournament.

How does the prize draw work and what can I win?

Answer: Our sponsors supply us with a range of board-games. These will be put out on a designated prize table. During prizes the different tournament winners can then come up and select games in a designated order. Also a number of prizes will be given out randomly amongst the earliest attendees to sign up. Lastly we will do a number of random draws for all the ‘free-play’ games that have been registered over the weekend.

What account should I pay my attendance fee to?

Answer: Payment can be made to the following bank account number: 3201.63.39112. Remember to mark the payment with your full name!

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