SPEL – English

Alea Jacta Est invites you to join us at SPEL, a board-gaming convention at Quality Hotel Residence Sandnes, November 4th until Sunday November 6th 2022.

Please note that we will be drawing three lucky winners amongst the first 50 people who register!

ENLISTING PRIZE! If you haven’t attended SPEL previously, you can note the name of whoever enlisted you when you register your attendance. Everyone who has enlisted someone who has not attended SPEL previously, will receive one ticket per enlistment in a drawing where the winners get to choose great prizes from the prize table. The more people who are enlisted, the more prizes we will give out!

Who is this for?

Everyone who is interested in analog gaming is welcome at our event. We have ‘free-play’ the entire weekend, but also tournaments in various different board-games. You can play normal strategy games, war games, Magic, miniature games etc. with us. The most important thing is that you to would like to meet others who also enjoy playing games and having fun.

Program SPEL 10:

Free playing whole weekend.

 “Hotness tournament” the whole weekend, everyone that plays the game has a chance of winning the game:

  • Deal with the devil
  • Revive
  • Come together


Opens at 12 am

  •  12:00 Free playing og hotness rules explanation.
  •  18:00 Point Salad
  •  20:00 PitchCar tournament


Opens at 10 am

  •  10:00 Trails of Tucana
  •  12:00-15:00 Childrenstournaments
  •  15:00 Youthtournaments
  •  16:30 Boardgame auction
  •  18:00 Shuffleboard in the lobby
  •  21:00 Partytime (Times up, Blood on the clocktower, Secret Hitler osv.)


Opens at 10 am

  •  10:00 Unknown tournament in a game from SPIEL22/miniature gameing
  •  15:00 Award Ceremony
  •  20:00 The doors closes

Changes in the program may occur.

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